Imagined Places

I’m fascinated by the world around us and how we don’t always see things as they really are. Cameras are known to capture reality, yet with this series, another version of truth comes to life. Fragments of dreams and splinters of true seeing are melded together in a series that explores multiplicity of vision, of thought. Is it real, or is it imagined? Or is it somewhere in between?

I begin with overlapping layers of film, which are then scanned together. Each layer may come from both lens-based and pinhole cameras. The process results in joining segments of place and time that couldn’t possible exist together, except…what if they could? These are images that don’t exist, except, now, they do. Somewhere…fantasy, reality, who knows which is truth and which is fiction?

Encaustic Original Art

The following are original photo-encaustic mixed-media artworks. The photographic print is mounted on wood panel(s), and encaustic (a combination of beeswax and damar resin) is applied. Metal leaf or other material may be applied to the surface. There is a beautiful surface texture, which can be hard to photograph.