The Quiet Landscape

The subject matter of my work has grown out of an obsession with the natural world. I often travel to the wide open, empty spaces of farmland plateaus and the rural places of Eastern Washington (and beyond). Away from the city’s dense humanity, I can feel my personal space expand. And I take deeper breaths.

Each photograph is my attempt to recreate the experience of being in that place, wherever it may be. It’s not about a particular location, but more how it makes me feel. There’s a sense of wonder and magic, the unknown of what is over the next horizon. A sense of endless possibility not constrained by the everyday: expectations, deadlines, or to do lists.  

The structure of the earth below the farmer’s fields becomes visible, while cloaked with susurration of ripe grain in the wind. The weather, the movement of clouds flowing across the sky, these become my companions. The photographs I take are less landscapes than emotional portraits of the land.