Tara McDermott : Event Schedule

Featured Show: Personal View
Columbia City Gallery
4864 Rainier Ave S, Seattle WA 98118

Reception: Saturday, February 23, 5-7 pm
Exhibit: February 20 - March 31

I’ll be exhibiting a new group of photo encaustic works in “Personal View,” my annual featured exhibition in South Seattle’s Columbia City Gallery. Each work will be a monochromatic color study exploring the varied color to be found in nature: stripped down and simplified, but amped up in color.

City of Seattle Lobby & Anne Focke Galleries
600 Fourth Ave, Seattle WA 98104
Saturday, December 8, 2018, 12 - 6pm

Reception March 7, 4 - 6pm
Exhibition March 7 - May 7, M-F 7am - 6pm

‘Flourish’ is a group show combining the separate work of Melinda Hurst Frye, Tara McDermott, and Meggan Joy; three female photographers from Seattle, Washington, whose work revolves around the narrative of the natural world. It gives a private look into shared living spaces of plants, flowers, insects, and rodents, and offers a sneak peek into the secret lives of our non-human denizens. 

As each photographer's approach to the subject matter varies, so does the resulting work. Tara McDermott's images are refined portraits of nature; the photographs are made with a vintage film-based camera which she uses to isolate simple details found in her environment. Melinda Hurst Frye combines scans and photographs to build scenes of our immediate spaces, inhabitants, and cycles, constructing larger than life insight to the ecosystems around us. Meggan Joy takes the traditional documentary medium of photography and forces it instead to depict her surreal subjects, digitally collaging individual photographs of various flora and fauna together to create her unfamiliar world.  

Each artist uses their surrounding environment as visual language, swirling together narrative, study and tension. While the methods and intentions vary, the three bodies of work share a common thread between medium and subject matter that keeps their imagery cohesive and fundamentally related.  

‘Flourish’ provides an opportunity to plainly view the comradery and contrast between these different creators, their work and unique visions, as well as challenge the viewer to contemplate the significance of their various approaches to the natural world. 

Spring Open Houses
Inscape Arts Building, 815 Seattle Blvd S, Seattle, Washington 98134
Studio #305

Saturday, May 4, 2019, 12 - 6pm

Curious to see what I’m up to? Want to see where artists make art? Interested in seeing what I’ve got tucked away, old work, recent work, studies, and works in progress? Then feed your curiosity and come visit the Inscape Arts Building’s open house and see what I and dozens of other artists of every disciple imaginable are doing! It will be a fun time to see lots of eye candy (mine and others), shop (for everything from crafts, jewelry, prints, cards, sculpture, and original art to put on your wall), and buy (at all price ranges, from under $10 to that showstopping piece the envy of your friends). Visit my studio, #305, on the third floor, previously the Immigration Court from the building’s previous incarnation as the Immigration and Naturalization Services building. Parking is available behind the building, and there will be plenty of food and drink available (alcoholic and non). If you want to make it a fun day, have dim sum in the International District first, then mosey on over and feed your creativity.