Featured Exhibition at Columbia City Gallery

I'm pleased to introduce a new series of minimalist botanical imagery now up at the Columbia City Gallery, the cooperative gallery that I'm a member of. The opening night party will be from 5-7 pm on Sat, Sept. 30 (the last Saturday of the month) in South Seattle in downtown Columbia City. These are very large works - the images are 32x32" framed (that's almost 3 feet!). The large scale works well to highlight their graphic quality, and really immerse yourself in the color and feeling. I've included a few snapshots of the work, on the left, the final framed piece, and on the right, testing out matt colors and framing samples to decide on a final presentation. 

This series brings my exploration of photographing the natural world full circle, from my origins as a landscape photographer, through my explorations of layered and colored encaustic mixed media works, and back to straight photography. In this latest iteration, I bring a conceptual and graphic sensibility to botanical subject matter. The exhibition runs September 27 - November 12 (Weds-Sun, 11am - 7 pm).

The event is open to the public - feel free to bring friends and family (all ages). There will be light refreshments and wine servied. Make it a fun evening out and explore the many unique restaurants, music venues, and movie theater in the neighborhood. If you haven't been here before, it's a gem!.