Palouse Photosafari

It's been several years since I've done landscape photography, being busy with developing the photo encaustic series, Imagined Places. Earlier this month I caught the road trip bug and took a trip out to the Palouse area of Eastern Washington (that's the bottom right corner of the state). I've been there before, but never so early in the year. It was so beautiful that I decided I had to go back a second time, during Memorial Day weekend, for a quick trip. It feels like coming home, being out in the eastern side of my favorite state. 

There's nothing like the great silence, the hot sun beating down, the clouds slowly rolling across the sky, the sound of growing wheat shushing in the wind. The drone of an insect is all that disturbs the silence. There are so few cars and people out there. I love going out on those primitive gravel roads, getting lost, and seeing such beautiful country. 

Here are a few quick images, while I get my film developed and scanned. Images are also posted on my instagram feed.